An energy audit is ananalysis of a facility, indicating how and where that facility can reduceenergy consumption and save energy costs. Its insight to energy efficiency andconservation can lead to significant savings on the company’s utility bill.

It’s important to take advantage of anytips, programs and incentives that will help you save money on your energybills. There are measures that will generate savings to positively impact yourbottom line immediately, as well as longer-term strategic initiatives to assessyour needs and stabilize your energy spend in the longer term – which is greatnews for your budget! 

One of such initiatives is an energyaudit. Energy audits maps your usage patterns, identify waste of energy,over-expenditure in energy purchase etc.  This knowledge will enable any personto be more efficient with your energy use and be able to track and acceleratesavings. Energy Audits may sound expensive or complicated, but they can be freeand are easier than you think. 

Why Should You Get AnEnergy Audit?  


Energy costs are soaringand any business can be at considerable risk if you do not take the guessworkout of your energy usage and the budget that needs to cover it. Energy auditsidentify where a business is wasting energy or putting access money in energyutilities due to lower efficiency or poor performance. Residential andcommercial properties account for around 10-12% of carbon emissions in the US,according to the EPA, which means they are very inefficient and waste hugeamounts of energy and… revenue. An energy audit helps by revealing just how andwhere energy is being wasted. With thousands of commercial energy customersnationwide, we are well-qualified to advise you on which methods are best usedfor reducing energy waste and overall energy consumption. 

In the case of energy,less is more. Lower energy consumption equals lower energy costs. And, ofcourse, less energy consumption is obviously good for the environment.  


The key benefits of conducting anenergy audit:


  • Lower Energy Bills. It is very obvious to notice that home’s or office’s energy efficiency increased every month when we look at the energy bills. Most improvements pay for themselves in a short amount of time with the monthly savings they offer – plus they increase your home’s resale value!


  • Improved Comfort. Air leakages in your home or in industry are often felt through chilly drafts and inconsistent temperatures. After identifying where these leakages are taking place, auditor and experts seal them so that environment becomes more comfortable.


  • Better Health and Safety. Home energy audits often detect poor indoor air quality, which can worsen allergies and lead to long-term health problems. In addition to improving ventilation, energy audits can identify potentially dangerous situations such as the presence of radon or carbon monoxide in homes.


  • Environmental Impact. Energy audits are environmentally-friendly. When our home consumes less energy, we are reducing your carbon footprint and helping to decrease unnecessary waste and pollution.


Compiled by:  Ravi Soni.